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OP Auto Clicker 2.1

OP auto clicker 2.1

Fast mouse or keyboard clicking is a must for gamers. Every gamer must have dreamt once of having an unimaginable finger strength to perform multiple clicks to play PC games like Minecraft or Roblox. Nevertheless, performing repeated clicks can often be a very tiring task. What’s the easy way out? Yes, the auto clicker. Among other auto clickers, OP auto clicker 2.1 is a very good software for generating automated clicking. Let’s explore more about the OP auto clicker 2.1. 

What Is OP Auto Clicker 2.1?

OP-Auto-Clicker 2.1

The OP auto clicker is among the top most popular software for automated clicking that is available today. There are different versions of this auto clicker available. op auto clicker’s latest version is 3.0 which is perfect for playing different idle games like Minecraft and Roblox. This is a full-fledge auto clicker that supports two different clicking modes.

The auto-clicking with OP auto clicker can either click at a pre-described location already present in the memory, or it can click at the on-screen cursor position. With op auto clicker for Roblox, users can set the maximum clicks that they want or can set it to infinite. This auto clicker also has hotkeys that work in the background. Users can select the right or left mouse buttons and set the single, double, and/or triple-clicking. 

Features of OP Auto Clicker 

Several unique features of the OP auto clicker set it apart from the other auto clickers. These features are listed below.

  1. Set auto-clicking at cursor location or a fixed spot
  2. Choose between single, double, and triple clicks 
  3. Extremely low CPU usage 
  4. Autosave the last settings using the cursor location 
  5. Set the hotkeys according to your choice Supports hotkeys in the background mode 
  6. Clean and simple user interface 
  7. Free from malware and viruses 
  8. No ads
  9. It is an open-source 
  10. Freeware 

OP auto clicker has many different versions. These include 19.1, 16.1, 15.1, 9.2, 6.1, 3.1, 3.0, and 2.0. 

Where Is OP Auto Clicker 2.1 Used? 

OP auto clicker for Minecraft is only one way this auto clicker is used. The most popular use of OP auto clicker is for generating auto clicks in idle games like Minecraft and Roblox where gamers are required to perform multiple clicking tasks to win. While the most popular use of this auto clicker is for gaming, it can also be used for other purposes like software testing, and data entry. 

OP Auto Clicker 2.1; How To Get It?

Op auto clicker is free and compatible with all windows versions and Mac. To download this auto clicker on your laptop or computer, just download the auto clicker from the website. Open the OP auto clicker installer and follow the instructions to install the app. You can easily get the OP auto clicker download free.

How To Use? 

Follow these simple steps given below to use OP auto clicker 2.1 on your laptop or computer. 

  1. Firstly, download op auto clicker 2.1 from here
  2. Open the Op auto clicker 2.1 installers and follow the step-by-step instructions to install this auto clicker to your device. 
  3. Once the installation is complete, run the OP auto clicker. A window will be opened up. OP-Auto-Clicker 2.1
  4. Set the interval for clicking. You can set it according to hours, minutes, seconds, or milliseconds.
  5. Next, select your corresponding r mouse buttons for auto-clicking. You can choose between the right, left, and middle mouse buttons. 
  6. Select whether you want single, double, or triple clicks. 
  7. Now, choose the number of clicks to be repeated. You can set the clicks to infinite by choosing the “repeat until stopped” option. 
  8. After this pick the location for clicking on the cursor position box. You may choose the “current location” option to generate clicks wherever you set and more the cursor. 
  9. That’s all. Now just press the F6 button (the default hotkey) and the OP auto clicker will generate your auto clicks. If you want to change the hotkey, you can change it from the hotkey settings. 
  10. Just press the hotkey to start and stop the clicking.Hotkey OP-Auto-Clicker
  11. You may also use the option of record and playback to record a macro sequence. This will automate the click sequence in just one click. 

Benefits Of Using OP Auto Clicker 2.1 

If you plan on using the Op auto clicker 2.1 for your games, here are a few benefits that you will get to enjoy.

  1. You can set the fixed-point using X and Y coordinates. 
  2. OP auto clicker also allows users to set keyword clicks for automating different lines and texts. 
  3. Users can set the number of clicks that they want ranging from one to infinity.
  4. It supports record and playback option
  5. Users can change the hotkeys according to their convenience. 
  6. The hotkeys allow the application to be run in the background. 
  7. OP auto clicker is highly portable software.
  8. OP auto clicker has low CPU usage.
  9. OP auto clicker is free and open source. 
General Information
Version freeware
Category Automation
Language English
License: Free
Size: 864.3 KB
Operating System
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and 64-bit systems
Developer Murgee
What’s in the tool:
An op auto clicker is a tool used to automate your mouse clicks while playing games or operating some repetitive clickable tasks. It comes with fully-fledged functionality, a portable and simple but enhanced user interface.


Q1. Is the op auto clicker safe?
Yes, after running several scans we can assure you that OP auto clicker is safe software that does not harm your computer or laptop. It is free from malware and viruses.
Q2. What is an OP auto clicker?
OP auto clicker is a full-fledged auto clicker that generates auto clicks for different purposes like gaming. Users can set the number of clicks and choose between the two modes of auto-clicking.
Q3. How to use op auto clicker 2.1?
To use the OP auto clicker 2.1, just turn on the application. Select the hotkey button. Click the hotkey to start/stop the auto-clicking.
Q4. How to download op auto?
You can easily download OP auto clicker 2.1 from this website. This free auto clicker is compatible with Android and PC devices.
Q5. Is OP auto clicker legal?
Yes, OP auto clicker is not illegal. But in some games, it can be against the rules to use them. Nevertheless, because it is not illegal, you can use it.

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