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Panda Auto Clicker [ Free Download Now ]

Panda AutoClicker

If you are looking for an auto clicker that can take half of your burden of clicking while playing any game, then Panda Auto Clicker is just amazing to use.

Also, you don’t need to be worried about whether you are using an iOS operating system or an Android one. This Panda auto-clicking tool can help you with almost every game and is suitable for both operating systems.

So now, this tool can automate your clicks and even gestures whether you are using an iPad, iPhone, or any other mobile. So why not save your energy using this auto-clicking tool next time?

Importance of Panda Auto-Clicker

The Panda Auto-clicker is very advanced and supports every game playing on any operating system. Apart from playing games, you can also use it to carry out your mobile’s routine tasks. You can say that this tool considerably reduces your energy utility as it does everything in a blink of an eye, giving a notion of automating everything.

Are you playing a game where you have to keep on clicking to get a targeted score or keep firing in the game to kill the competitors? This extensive clicking makes your fingers tired? Then we highly recommend you use the auto-click feature of the Panda auto-clicker and give your fingers a feeling of rest.

Panda auto-clicker not only assists when playing games but also efficiently helps when you do a repetitive task such as data entry. In addition, this tool has a recording feature, and now you can invest your time in something more substantial.

In the era where TikTokers remain a hot topic, this tool also offers something related to TikTok. You do not need to use your finger to like a video or swipe up to watch the following video, as this tool can do it for you.

Remember, this auto-clicking tool supports both famous operating systems, i.e., Android and iOS, and is compatible with more than 7 versions.

Features and Benefits of Panda Auto Clicker

The benefits of using a Panda Auto-clicking tool are not limited to the above ones. We bet that the below features will surely leave you in awe, and you will rush to install this tool.

Let’s see what these are:


Panda AutoClicker Powerful Customization

The best part of using this auto-clicker is that you can customize it according to your needs. For example, this tool comes with two modes, one is auto touch, and the other is an auto clicker, and you can switch between them according to your needs.


Panda AutoClicker Simple and Easy to Use

This auto-clicking tool is just convenient to use. The UI is so simple that a novice can understand it in a minute and become a pro using it. Also, you do not need to install any help guide to know how it works.

Floating Control Panel

Panda AutoClicker Gesture Feature to Record Anything

You can use any feature of this auto-clicking tool using the floating control panel. So whether you are working on any app and want to use it, you don’t have to go back and start the auto-clicking tool, as you can turn it on from the floating control panel.

Compatible with Both iOs and Android

As we discussed before, you can use this clicking tool for both iOS and Android operating systems. Also, the features of this tool support any game or any task on your mobile.

Free to Install

Panda AutoClicker Instant Launch with One Tap

Yes, you heard it right. All these immense and best features are available without paying a single penny. You can install it from here by clicking the Download button below and having fun.

Let’s see the whole procedure of downloading this fantastic tool.

How to Install Panda Auto-Clicker on iOS and Android

This auto-clicking tool requires you to change some settings on your phone to avail the complete functionality of this tool. The settings differ based on the operating system, so we are here to tell the specific procedure for both the operating systems.

Before going towards the Panda Auto-Clicker iOS download, let’s see the procedure of iOS:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Scroll down until you find an option of ‘Battery’. Click on it to view it.
  3. See if the “Low Battery Usage” option is enabled or not. If it is allowed, then make sure to disable it.
  4. Now, go back and scroll up to search the “General Settings” option and open it.
  5. Scroll down and look for the “App Refereshement” option.
  6. Please open it and enable it for both the WiFi and Data connection or cellular system.

Now you can go and install the Auto-Clicker for your iOS.

Let’s see the settings that you need to make sure of on Android mobile:

  1. Open the settings of your mobile.
  2. Scroll down and search for a “Battery” option.
  3. See if you find any option like “High-Performance” mode. If you get it, then open it and enable it. But if you don’t have this option, then no problem. Please ignore it.

Your mobile is all set to get the Panda Auto-Clicker.

Now let’s install the auto-clicker. Remember, the steps for downloading the auto-clicker is almost the same for both operating systems. Let’s quickly go through them:

  1. Hit the APK file, and you will see it installed on your phone.
  2. The installation will take time as the tool is significant and needs to compile all the files.
  3. You will see several files appearing on your system; make sure to install them all.
  4. We recommend you install them one by one.
  5. Restart your phone, and here you have it in your applications list and a floating control panel.

How to Use Options of Panda Auto-Clicker

As we already discussed, the two main options of this tool:


This feature helps automate the clicking system and helps where extensive clicking is required. Let’s see how it works:

  1. Search the app and click the “Auto-Click” mode.
  2. Choose a time interval so that clicks can occur after a certain time.
  3. Turn on the “Automation”.

You will see it clicking repetitively on your defined instructions.


This feature will automate the gestures, for example, all swiping features. Let’s see how can you use it:

  1. Search the Panda app on your phone and select the Auto-Touch mode.
  2. Look for the “Record” and “Play” options.
  3. Click on the “Record” button and start recording your actions. Once you are done, click on “Stop”.
  4. Now the tool has recorded the task. Please give it a name so that you can use it later.
  5. Click the “Auto-Touch” mode and select the above-saved recording.
  6. You can set the number of times you want his task to repeat and, of course, the time interval.

You will see the tool carrying out the repetitive tasks for you.


This auto-clicking tool is the best as it helps you do repetitive tasks which considerably drain your mind. We highly recommend using this tool as its features are very efficient and are not prone to error.


What is the difference between auto-touch and auto-click features?

Auto clicking feature helps in tasks where you need continuous clicking, for example, firing your target in a game. On the other hand, the auto-touch feature allows you to record a particular task and do it for a specific time. Also, it helps in liking a video and swiping tasks automatically.

Why is the Panda Auto-clicking tool not working on my game?

The Panda Auto-clicking tool supports almost all the games, including Roblox or Minecraft. However, we recommend you check your game’s description to see if it is compatible with auto-clicking tools or not.

Is the Panda Auto-clicking tool free?

This tool is a professional option with all advanced features. But still, with all these features, you can download this tool free and can enjoy every feature without paying any charges.

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