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Python Auto Clicker

In this era of modern technology, just like human beings, IT devices also understand instructions in different languages. In the field of information technology, there are a variety of tasks to do in which programming, software developments, etc. are involved. The webapps, software that we use daily for different purposes, are made by the use of Java, C++, Visual Basic languages, etc. Among these different languages, python is one of them.

What is an Autoclicker?

The auto clicker is used in various tasks in order to make the work easy. Autoclicker can be understood as a  script that is designed to perform automatic clicking within a short interval of time. The auto clicker plays an integral role in the programming and gaming by undergoing automated clicking at a defined or dynamic location. Below you will find an auto clicker tool on python in detail. You will find the purpose of this python auto clicker, how you can make this tool in Python and how you can implement this tool practically.

Features of Python Autoclicker

The python auto clicker design is highly responsive as it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux with the controlled prescribed keys. The application of python results in repeated clicks according to the user’s requirements.  You can also adjust different parameters regarding the use of the python auto clickers such as speed, frequency, and position. Python auto clicker script controls different devices such as keyboard and mouse within the same time with the help of its different modules. Some of these above-mentioned striking features of python compel the programmers to use it in making auto clickers.

How to Make an Auto Clicker in Python?

After understanding the function of the python auto clicker in detail, you must be thinking about how to make an auto clicker in Python? Below You will find a simple, straight protocol for creating an auto clicker in python.

There are two approaches that are used in creating the python auto clicker tool

  • Using PyAutoGui
  • Using Pynput

Salient Feature of PyAutoGui

This package involved the following prominent features which have proven beneficial in making this tool.

  • Applications will receive keystrokes by this module.
  • Automated Mouse clicks and keystrokes occur in every application
  • It will search for a window app.
  • For user interaction, a message box will appear at the end.

How to Proceed with PyAutoGui?

According to protocol, first, we have to install the pyautogui to use it in creating a python auto clicker. This module will control your both mouse and keyboard simultaneously.

How to Install PyAutoGui?

For installation type and execute the following command:

  • “pip install pyautogui”
  • Wait for the output to make sure that there is no error
  • In this way, you will become aware of when your module has been installed. If you further want to remove your doubts you can
  • Open IDLE
  • Execute the command import “pyautogui”
  • There should be no error in its output.

Install PyAutoGui

How to Use Pyautogui for Python Autoclicker?

Go for the command writing in the making of the python auto clicker with pyautogui module. You will use

  • “” this function for automating the mouse click
  • Then we write the second function which is used for determining the coordinates of the mouse. Before writing this command “pyautogui.moveTo()”, drag the cursor to the desired position.
  • Now for creating the auto clicker we drag the mouse to run the command “for” loop. In this way it will execute every “” function.
  • For making the click visible, we must add a delay function in the command.
  • For this, you will execute this function
  • “sleep()” function in the “time” module

The arrangement of all the functions in series is given below in the command box

  • import pyautogui
  • import time
  • pyautogui.moveTo(600, 800)
  • for i in range(20):
  •  time.sleep(0.1)

Use pyautogui

The above script shows that you can move the mouse to the given coordinates (600,800). The click function allows the mouse auto-clicking to 20 times.

How to Install Pynput?

  • For installation type to display the following command
  • “pip install pynput”
  • Wait for it to run to see whether it properly displays or not.

 Install Pynput

  • For further verification, repeat the same process which is mentioned in the double check of pyautogui proper installation.

Install Python

How to Implement Pynput for Further Process?

In the coding process, we will use both modules.

  • Pynput.mouse
  • Pynput.keyboard

By using this module, we will make a category that will work as an auto clicker after the key is pressed. For stopping the clicking possess, another key has been selected. The making of a specific category is equipped with special functions that serve as an auto clicker. Below steps are mentioned in series that how pynput is implemented for further process:

In the first step bring

  • time
  • threading button
  • button, controller (from mouse module)
  • Listener and keycode (keyboard module)

Implement Pynput

  • Use four parameters while writing language
  • Delay
  • button
  • Start_and stop_key
  • Exit_key

Implement Pynput

  • To control the mouse click create the class threading.Thread
  • To check whether it is working properly or not pass the delay and button and two flags.

Implementation of Pynput

  • We have to create a method to control the threads.

Implementation of Pynput Step 2

  • To check the reliability of the program, create a back-to-back loop inside the programming to check if the running is true.

check the reliability of the program

  • Make a press method that will take the key and set the keyboard listener.

press method

  •  If the pressed key is the same as the start and stops key, then stop clicking if the running flag is true.
  •  Go for the exit method and stop the listener, if the pressed key is the exit key.

The practical application of this module in the proper script is given below:

practical application 1

practical application 2

 Versions of Python Autoclicker

Versions Released Date
0.3 Nov 16,2020
0.2 Sep 8, 2020
0.1 Sep 8, 2020


So we saw that there are two different ways by which we can create the python autoclicker tool using a python script. The users can employ mouse and keyboard automation by python autoclicker. Both of these approaches can be further modified as per users requirements.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What three methods are created for controlling the threads externally?

There are three methods that we used:

  •  begin()
  • end()
  • exit()

2. What is the purpose of flags and threads?

The threads are made to control the mouse click with two functions: delay and button’.    On the other hand, flags are created for verifying the command whether the program is running or not

3. What are the essential variables used in pynput?

  • Button
  • Begin_end
  • Exit_key

4. What is the use of listener and keycode?

They are used for looking after the events that will take place hereafter. They are used to start and stop the python auto clicker

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