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In life, there are certain places where one is incapable of deciding between multiple available options. This is where the spinning tool comes in handy. A spinning tool is a tool that can be used when you are indecisive about something and need a random, unbiased answer. The spinning tool allows you to make entries such as names, words, and elements such as emojis and make a random selection between them. It can be used for multiple purposes for making selections between options you provide within the spinning tool. It can be both physically spun or mechanically powered. Sometimes, the options are available on the spin wheel itself and, at other times on a separate list.

The Mechanism: How it Works

The spin wheel is a game based on a mechanism that helps in decision-making. The wheel consists of sections, each labeled with a different outcome. The wheel is rotated or spun by the player and the needle indicator points out a random outcome from a set of available options.

Creation and Customization of Your Wheel Spinner

This tool is created using a variety of software and tools available online. Sometimes these spinners are also made with the help of actual physical spinning wheels.

To start and create your own wheel just follow these easy steps:

  1. You can select the color, font of your boxes within the wheel. Customize them according to your will.
  2. Make a rough list of names you want to enter to your wheel. Erase the previously set default names or items within the wheel by adding your own entries into them. For this, click the textbox available on the right to enter names.
  3. You have no limit on the number of name entries you want in these slots. This means you can add as many names as you wish or want.
  4. Remember to add space between each name when you type. This will distinguish one name from the other. You can also enter other items such as chores to be done, prizes within a lucky draw or even name of games, within these slots.
  5. You can also press the remove button if you wish to change any one of your entries.
  6. Once you have placed the entries in the slots. Just press the spin the wheel icon located in the center of the wheel and wait for the results to be generated.

Is the Spinning Wheel a Multi-Purpose Tool?

This tool is mainly used in situations where there is no need for prioritizing and all options available on the wheel are of equal priority.

  • Wheel Spinners are a great way to pick and choose in events such as parties where one can use these spinners for random game selections or choosing which contestant will participate next.
  • It is also used by product sellers when they conduct lucky draws in choosing a lucky draw winner.
  • This application can be helpful in assigning people random tasks, or even deciding between chores to be done at home.
  • Many software developers use this tool in their games for giving players daily rewards for playing their games.


How many names can be added on the wheel?

You can add as many names as you want within the wheel. There is no limit to it.

Is the selection truly random?

If you’re willing to cheat this is probably not an option as the wheel cannot be rigged for a name. The name selection is truly random. Its probability cannot be predicted, therefore making it an amazing spinning tool.

How do I share the Wheel Spinner?

you can share the spin wheel by clicking the spin button above the entry box to get a customized link for your spin wheel. In this way your spin wheel can be shared with friends and family.

Who is the Wheel generator for?

The wheel generator is for anyone wanting to make random unbiased decisions for fun games and activities. Teachers can also use it for making their teaching fun and interactive.

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