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Speed Auto Clicker
Version 1.3
License Free
English, Deutsch
File Size 283 KB
Developer CloudFlare, Inc.
Category Tools
Operating Systems
Windows, MacOS, Linux
What’s in the tool:
Speed AutoClicker is an extreme fast auto clicker that can click more than 50000 times per second


Speed auto clicker is most likely the fastest automation tool with unlimited clicks and myriad customization options. It is the best companion for gamers to increase their clicking speed because it has the capacity to generate a maximum of 50,000 clicks per second. With speed auto clicker, you can customize clicking speed, the number of clicks, and hotkey. Moreover, you can enjoy two different clicking modes; hold and toggle.

You can use this tool for different clicking games like Cookie Clickers, Roblox, Free Fire, Minecraft, Runescape, Adventure Capitalist, etc.

Features of Speed Auto Clicker

Unlimited Clicks

Speed auto clicker lets you generate the fastest and unlimited clicks. Once you set it for limitless clicks and start it by clicking the activation key, it keeps clicking unless you click the activation key again to stop the process.

Clicking Modes

You can change the clicking mode according to game requirements. For example, there are two modes in speed auto clicker; the first one is a hold, and the other one is a toggle.

  • Hold – in this mode, you have to hold the key to produce fast clicks; as you leave the key, it stops clicking. This mode is helpful for games where you need to be more focused to play.
  • Toggle – in this mode, you have to use a hotkey to start and stop the process. It is the best for games where you need to click for unlimited time and manage other keys simultaneously.

Speed Auto Clicker

Custom Key Options

Every game has different keys for repetitive function; therefore, with a speed auto clicker, you can automate all three buttons; right, left, and central (scrolling Wheel).

Time Interval

With this tool, you can set the time interval of clicks. The right time interval is essential to save your user account from getting banned. Every game has a limit of clicks, after that the game system detects these tools. If you set the number of clicks in a second according to the game limit, the system cannot detect the tool, and you stay safe.

Hotkey Customization

Speed auto clicker has a hotkey option to start and stop the process. Sometimes, the default hotkey doesn’t work efficiently for gamers, and it feels tough to reach out for clicks automation. So, it lets you set any key as a hotkey according to your convenience.

Fastest Clicking Speed

In clicking games, the speed of clicks matters. To get the highest score, you have to click faster. Therefore, the speed auto clicker provides the fastest clicking speed, so you always stay ahead of your competitors.

Software Selection

To avoid random clicks on other software, the speed auto clicker lets you select specific places where you want to use it, and then it works only at those specific points.

No Installation

It takes no time for installation, similar to its speed. Whenever you want to use this tool, download and directly use it. Moreover, it has a small download file which means it takes a minute to download. Within a few minutes, this tool is ready to use.

Anti Detection

Third-party apps cannot detect this tool. This feature makes it safe and suitable to use for all types of apps without privacy violations.

User Friendly

Anyone who never tried an auto clicker before can use it with ease. This is possible because of its simple interface. Every setting is on the page without any complex description. Moreover, it is available in two languages i.e English and German.

Updated Features In Latest Version 1.3

There are additional features in the new version to enhance your gaming experience.

Random Clicking

It is a new feature in this tool and passed as a safety feature for gaming. In random clicking, you have to select a specific area where it clicks randomly, anywhere in that area. Few games like free fire where people attack from different places, and often you have to fire randomly. In this situation, random clicks work for you.

Clock Duty Cycle

This is an advanced feature to generate humans like clicking. If a tool clicks exactly after a fixed time interval, it might be caught by gaming systems. With the clock duty cycle, the number of clicks in a second stays the same, but the time interval varies with each click. Variation in time interval never lets a system detect its presence.

How Does the Speed Auto Clicker Work for Gamers?

In professional gaming, clicking speed determines your rank. Simply, if you want to achieve the highest score, you need to work on your clicking speed. But sometimes, you get tired when you have to do repetitive clicking. In this situation, a speed auto clicker saves you. Moreover, it has the following benefits for gaming.

  • Speed auto clicker automates clicks in a game where you need to do repetitive clicks. Here you predefine clicking settings, after automation, you can leave it for the required time. Now, you can leave your place and perform other important tasks without stopping your game.
  • Professional gaming takes hours of play, and due to intensive clicking, it can injure hand muscles. This is painful and can be damaging if you neglect the situation. Speed auto clicker lets you rest and does your repetitive tasks.
  • It improves gaming performance. When you take time to rest while the speed auto clicker does your task, then you save energy for important tasks. Due to this, you perform well, and that increases your chances to win.

Speed auto clicker is a highly recommended tool for gamers to save time, energy and improve their performance.

How to Use a Speed Auto Clicker?

This is a simple and user-friendly tool with a straightforward interface so anyone can use it efficiently. To use this tool, follow the directions given below:

  • First, download the setup.
  • Next, you don’t need to install it. Please open the file and extract it to the desktop for use. 
  • Now, for use, open the tool. 
  • You encounter the tool’s interface with all settings and customization options.
  • Here you have to set it according to task needs.
  • Set the clicking mode you want either hold or toggle.
  • Choose the key that you want to automate.
  • Select the hotkey that you want to use for process automation. However, it is not compulsory. If you are okay with the default hotkey, you can use it.
  • If you want to stop it automatically, you can set the number of clicks.
  • Set the clicking speed, time interval, and a number of clicks in a second. 
  • Now, if you choose to toggle, start it by clicking hotkey, and to stop the process click that key again.
  • If you enter the fixed number of clicks, it stops automatically as it reaches defined clicks.
  • If you want to use hold mode, then hold the key for automation and to end the process, leave the key.

Follow these simple directions to add ease into your life and break all gaming records.


1. Is it free to use?

Yes, you can use this advanced automation tool completely free. For download, check the download button on top of this page. 

2. Why is it the best for gaming?

In gaming, to break the records and beat other players, you need fast clicking speed. Also, you have to maintain it for a longer time. As a human, it is tough to keep clicking at the same speed. Here speed auto clicker with its unlimited clicks and fastest clicking speed does this for you. 

3. Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is a safe and virus-free tool and works with all software. 

4. Can I set the number of clicks and the time interval?

You can set the number of clicks and also the time delay after each click. This feature makes it suitable for all types of clicking games. 

5. Why do I need to set a time interval before I start clicking?

It is legal to use auto clickers for gaming, and there is no rule against them. But still, some games don’t allow you to use these tools, and as they detect any third-party tool, they ban that user. With this tool, you even automate clicks in these games without any tension. This is possible because of time interval features. Here you can set the clicking speed according to the game limit to prevent detection and getting banned.

6. The tool keeps sending error messages on XP. How can I fix it?

For use, you don’t need to install it; download it and extract it on the desktop. But it needs the NET framework for use. It is present in Windows 7, but you have to download the NET framework first if you want to use it on XP. 

7. Why do I need to reset it after every use?

Every game requires a different clicking speed, hotkey, and mode; therefore, you have to choose everything again after the reset. But if you are using it again for the same game, reset is not compulsory unless that level needs changes.

8. My auto clicker is not working. How can I fix it?

To remove this issue, you have to reset it to the factory settings. Follow these steps to reset the tool.

  • Click window + R 
  • It opens a page. Enter (%appdata%) there. 
  • Search for files of SpeedAutoClicker.
  • To reset the settings, delete the file “”.

After these steps, open the tool, and it usually starts working.

9. Can I save the setting?

Yes, the setting saves after each use, but you can reset it for different games.

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