What Auto Clicker Does Flamingo Use?

What Auto Clicker Does Flamingo Use?

With the increase in the popularity of e-gaming, today’s generation has found a new way of earning. The pro gamers have started making their YouTube channel on which they live-stream their gameplay, guide their viewers about their gear and entertain them in various ways. Flamingo, real name Albert Spencer Aretz, is also a pro gamer who uploads videos about Roblox games and reaction videos.

Flamingo has a considerable fan base with 11 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has uploaded around 2200 videos on his YouTube channel. He uploads videos regarding Roblox games. His videos get about a million views in a day.

What Game does Flamingo Play?

What Game does Flamingo Play?

Flamingo has his avatar named mrflimflam on Roblox, using which he plays different games already available on Roblox and the ones made by other users. Apart from Roblox, Flamingo has a favorite game as well, which is named The Legend of Zelda: Major’s Mask.

Flamingo has been playing games and working on his YouTube channel for some time now, and with the advancement of his gaming skills, he has also picked up some tactics. One of which is his famous auto-clicker.

What is an Auto Clicker?

An auto clicker is a software that automates one’s mouse’s clicking. All one needs to do is to set the number of clicks it needs or the amount of time it needs for the mouse to click. The software does the rest itself. It saves a person from continuously clicking the mouse, preventing them from getting their hand strained, and not forgetting, a lot of time.

Which Auto-clicker does Flamingo Use?

Many flamingo fans want to know which type of auto-clicker Flamingo uses, and this article has the answer for everyone. Flamingo uses OP auto clicker; to be more specific, he uses version 3.0 of OP auto clicker, which is also free.

How to Install OP Auto Clicker?

OP auto clicker

Installing the OP auto clicker is very simple and easy. All you need is to follow the following steps,

  • Visit OP auto clicker’s official page.
  • Install the auto clicker by clicking on the Download button
  • Once downloaded, open the file
  • Set the type of click, the time, the amount, etc.
  • Once done, the Auto-Clicker is ready to use.

1. Features

Some of the features of the OP auto clicker that Flamingo uses are listed below:

2. Types of Clicks

It provides different types of clicks for users to choose from. The user can either set the right click or the left or the middle click.

3. Clicking Style

The user can either set the number of clicks needed or the amount of time it needs for the mouse to be clicked. Another feature named “Repeat until Stopped” allows the user to start and stop auto-clicking whenever he pleases by pressing the toggle.

4. Time Interval

The default time interval between each click is 100 milliseconds, but users can change it according to their needs.

5. Record

The record feature allows users to record different clicks on the screen at different positions, which can be used later whenever needed.

The Verdict

So, the OP auto clicker is the automatic clicker that Flamingo has been using for so many years. If you want to become a pro gamer just like Flamingo so just download this auto clicker and play Roblox games competitively.

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